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Hot Wheels visits New Jersey

It's said that a car enthusiasts passion usually begins with a dollar and small 1:64th scale die cast. They were right.  A few weeks back the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary tour was scheduled to make a stop in New Jersey but unfortunately due to the relentless Seattle like rain we had been getting it was postponed.  So the Hot Wheels team moved the event to a later date in the tour which gave everyone a little extra time to submit their car into the car show the team hosted at the Wal-Mart in Garfield.

The New Jersey/New York region did not disappoint.  We had plenty of "hot wheels" to go around.

Roughly 200 cars were in attendance. Everything from garage made machines, exotics and muscle cars.  The urban outlaw, Hot Wheels ambassador and always rad Porsche enthusiast, Magnus Walker, was a guest celebrity judge and took the time to take photos and meet just about everyone.

The winning car to become the next Hot Wheel? Joseph Rodriguez's single seater, fighter jet themed, inspired salt flat racer.  The vehicle is based on a 300Z and features a rear mounted, single turbo 627HP Supra 2JZ.

It was an amazing event and a lot to see.  Check out the photos below.


Ronald Schendorf