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TOTD 2018: Tale of Two Vipers

While in Gatlinberg, I did do a private shoot with Butch and Scott's Vipers early in the morning just prior to our Day Two tour of Eastern Tennessee.

Butch’s silver and blue Gen IV coupe is just 1 of 15 produced in that color combo, making it a pretty rare car to see. Silver and blue was first introduced in 1999 on the Gen II Viper GTS and there weren't too many of those made either, yet among the Viper faithful it’s one of the most talked about pairings. Butch’s Gen IV is as factory stock as it comes, moving along on a set of silver six spokes. Just a really good, solid example of it’s generation.

However, that grey RT/10 there, it’s way beyond it’s first appearance.

Scott's 98' Gen II RT/10 is a work of art. He's done all the work himself, there's about 3000 hours invested in this car, he could probably name every nut and bolt. It's not a factory viper color either, it's been repainted Audi Daytona Grey pearl, same color used on the R8. The aftermarket Diamondback hood has been fitted perfectly and features ghosted snake skin graphics on the hood and trunk, 8 hours alone went into applying and removing the vinyl scales alone. The roof is an AP engineering three-piece hard top. The motors been massaged lightly to produce around 600HP and it rides on 3-way Penske coil overs. StopTech brake kit has replaced the factory brakes and it features wheels from Forgeline. Front fascia is from Autoform with a custom front splitter. Out back is a Mopar rear spoiler and Scott's one off, hand made fiberglass rear diffuser to mimic the design of a Gen V ACR. Scott’s not an automotive engineer, he’s used to building cabinets but chances are he knows every nut and bolt of his car since he’s done all the work in his driveway. In fact, prior to it’s current setup, Scott’s Viper featured the same scheme as a Gen IV ACR in silver with a black center band and red drivers stripe.

Two amazing Vipers, one still stock, the other built with one man’s vision.