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Thursday Treads: Exotics, LX Forums, Linkin Park

Hey Guys! It's a nightly edition of Thursday Treads and I'm picking some videos I made years ago and featured on Vimeo.  So here we go!

Exotics Rally: Spring Sprint

This was taken nine years ago!  There's a good half hour of exotics that myself and two friends filmed. (Yes, filmed.)  We used to have a blast going to these and watching the cars leave.  I even went on a Turkey Run event one year, that was wild!


LX Forums Private Track Day at Englishtown Raceway Park

Long before we had the Modern Street Hemi Shootout, we had the HHP series and it would run through out the year at Raceway Park.  This was the first private track day held there for LX cars and I left my camera on the wall just to capture the audio of the Hemi powered Mopars making their way down the quarter mile and its the only thing you hear other than the occasional squeal from a tire.  It's music.

Linkin Park at Madison Square Garden 2008

Okay so I'm going to share something not car related but is about music.  I'm a big, big fan of Linkin Park and have so since Hybrid Theory.  I was also a site moderator for a short time with Linkin Park Underground (aka LPU, the bands personal fan club).  This video was taken of their first performance at Madison Square Garden.  It was my second Linkin Park show and the first time ever being front row for any performance!  For me, this will always be my most memorable show.  Chester made his way down to greet the front row and I got to sing with him at the beginning of the 2nd verse to 'In The End'.  I'll never forget it.

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