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Starting in 2001, my passion for automotive photography has taken me on the road, attending car shows, races, and events across the east coast, Detroit, as far west as Texas, to name a few. It has been a long road for sure!

When I began high school, all photography programs had been cut, so I had to learn on my own. I finally took classes and studied professional commercial photography at Middlesex County College (NJ) in 2007. I enjoy networking and connecting with as many Photographers and learning to tell a story like no one else can.

After following IMSA for the last three years, I had the opportunity to shoot at several tracks, Daytona International Speedway, Limerock Park, and Watkins Glen, to name a few. I have spent the last 17 years shooting for various chapters of the ‘Viper Club of America” as well as the ‘Viper Owners Association’ in states across the US. While I am a diehard Mopar fan, I absolutely love sports car racing, and will shoot other brands, as well as also booking weekends with a local HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) chapter, spending time in my own car, learning to drive on the track at Pocono Raceway or New Jersey Motorsports Park.

I am fortunate to have had work featured in print and on the web. Both Viper Magazine and Modern Mopar Magazine, as well as Jalopnik, AM Car Guide, Bleacher Report, and various social media. My goal in life is to land a permanent gig in photography, providing clients with images and graphics that capture the eye worldwide.


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